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Media companies worldwide have experienced tremendous upheaval in recent years. Consumer consumption habits are changing, advertising is beginning to move to digital platforms, OTT and S-VOD services are putting pressure on the traditional media business model, and social media platforms have emerged as hugely influential drivers of public opinion. Faced with these challenges, the business models of media companies are changing dramatically.

In this new world, media companies must deliver content to more platforms and devices than ever before including the creation of short-form "derivative content" intended to build brand awareness and audience loyalty on social media platforms. While they make this transformation, they must ensure that their traditional linear broadcast business runs even more efficiently than before - and they must do so in a highly-automated fashion, that is driven by business rules and data.

This shift in customer requirements and consumption models causes similar upheaval for suppliers of media technologies, who must adapt their product offerings to accommodate the evolving needs of their customer base. These changes can be extensive, in some cases requiring a complete change their platforms and services to match the deployment requirements of their customers.

Turner Media Consulting offers a unique blend of services to help customers and vendors navigate this changing world. With over 25 years of experience in traditional media technologies, and several years working on newer IP based production, media transformation, workflow automation and delivery systems, we are able to assist our clients in both the expansion of their existing facilities, while also guiding them in the integration of these new delivery opportunities, maximizing their potential for generating revenue along the way.

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